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Options Trading Education and Analysis Tools.

Option Basics

Are you just getting started learning about options? Please visit our Option Basics section.

Option Strategies

Want to learn about some more advanced Option Strategies? Follow these links to learn about Bullish, Bearish and Volatility strategies.

Develop Option Strategies

Implement option spreads using our free analytical tool. See theoretical profit and loss of your position based on different underlying prices days out. You get position delta, gamma, theta, rho and vega. As well as a breakdown of each option bought or sold. So you can create the best option strategy.

Track Positions

Save your strategies and see how they play out over time. You can track unrealized and realized gain/loss. Watch if your options finished in or out of the money. Keep your strategies grouped together, so you know what worked and what did not.

Option Quotes

Examine option price movements, with one of the most comprehensive free option quote pages available. Sort and filter, prices, volume, open interest delta, gamma, rho, theta, vega, implied volatility and theoretical prices. Save the options you are watching and come back to the underlying chain later.

Input Parameters

You input the parameters. Change the implied volatility. See what happens when the underlying price is up or down. Buy or sell puts or calls, at different strikes. You can look at an infinite amount of "what if" scenarios and different option positions.

Get Theoretical Gain/Loss

See where your strategy gain/loss is based on where the underlying is trading. You can assess whether your inputs make sense based on where you think the underlying will be on certain dates. Maybe you don’t like the way the strategy plays out. If so, it is as simple as resetting the input screen and modifying your positions.

Detail Option Analysis

You get a detailed breakdown of each option position. See the cost of each position. Get delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho theoretical prices based on the volatility you input and historical volatility. Position Greeks are aggregated, to give you an idea of the effect a change in pricing assumptions will have on your strategy.

Live Option Quotes

The option quote screen gives you a detailed breakdown of the trading action. You get price, bid/ask, open interest, volume, theoretical price, implied volatility, delta, gamma, rho, theta and vega. Utilize puts and calls or implied volatility vs historical, to profit from the options market.

Don't know where to start?

Follow the links below . Look for bullish, bearish, volatility neutral and volatility positive option strategies. Once you find one that you are comfortable with, try and implement it using our free options analytical tool. Break down stocks by sector, industry or market cap.